Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Answer: All Three Win...

The Blue Heron has...
Fabrics: 18
Threads: 12
Winner? How about all three... Karen and Sarah had the closest to the number of fabrics, and Nina gets a packet of cards for being so optimistic that I could have changed threads so many times in one piece! Nina, I need your address.
My studio is in an uproar these days. The design wall which is directly opposite this photo is being dismantled and remade to accommodate an 8' long piece of quilted artwork which needs to be completed "pronto" for mid February delivery. It is wonderful to be busy and creating what I love to create, even if the timeline is so very rigid. Updates on the piece to come!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

:-) I must see that BIG PROJECT! Post photos when you can... Ben Bed is Awesome. All three dogs use it at the same time!

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