Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ladders: Gees Bend Play

In collaboration with the Hartford Stage Company's production of the play Gee's Bend, local fiber artists have been asked to show their work in various public buildings and gallery spaces. My quilt, Ladders, is now hanging at the Urban League of Greater Hartford, 14 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT.
The Hartford Courant ran a wonderful story on the play in their January 14 issue, and there has been much mention of the wonderful fiber art on display around the city. If you are in Hartford before the play closes on Feb 14, consider tickets to this show and support your local fiber artists by viewing their work.


Jackie said...

I am going to see the play on the 5th. Looking forward to it~

Connie Rose said...

Great photo of you, Vivika, and terrific quilt! Congrats on having it in that exhibition!

Anonymous said...

Great pic of you!..and love the quilt..and YAY for getting your work out there!

The shop is coming along.. you will have a new wall when all is said and done... so that people can get up closer, they are always leaning over the pottery for a better look at the quiltwork.

Mrs Moen said...

Congratulation; both you and your quilt look fabulous!
I wish I was in Hartford so I could see the play and exhibition.

Ruth said...

What a nice picture of you.

I found out that my quilt is at the Institute for Community Research. I will have to find out where that is. It seems a lot of quilts are hagning there.

Rayna said...

Vivika - gorgeous picture of you and of your quilt. Congratulations on this coup!

Deborah said...


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