Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to Quilting

This is the last of my Christmas gifts to be finished... still undone! Several years ago, my uncle gave me a quilt made by my great grandmother, and in return, I promised to make him a queen sized bed quilt. Although I love the rather tattered antique that is full of sentimental value, I have to ask myself, "What was I thinking?" It has been ages since I tackled a large bed sized quilt, and I need to just finish it and move on. For the pattern, I designed a twelve inch block with no matching seams. I also used two inch sashing on alternating sides of the blocks to further remove the need to match seams. As a way to add interest to this very simple block, I top stitched thin strips of fabric onto the largest squares within the blocks. The above photo is of the top half of the quilt. I am making the top and bottom separately to ease the bulk of quilting this mammoth piece. The fabrics in this quilt are hand dyes and batiks. I wanted it to look like light on the water - my uncle spends a week every summer on a canoe trip on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it is one of his favorite places. Uncle Mark, I hope you like your quilt!


Jackie said...

I think he will love it, just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Uncle Mark is going to love his quilt.

I have enjoyed reading your food postings. I've got the abelskiver pan, but have never made them.

Mrs Moen said...

Oh, I feel your pain; quilting those huge quilts are quite a struggle on a home sewing machine. I don't free motion large quilts any more, but use my trustworthy walking foot and a quilting pattern that does not need any straight lines.
I love the quilt; both the pattern and the fabrics, and am sure your uncle will too no matter how long it might take you to finish it.

Vivien said...

How could he not? It's gorgeous!

Diane Wright said...

He knew what he was doing! What a lovely quilt....a great trade. BTW Vivika, I have one of my mother's quilts...wanna trade? ;^)

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