Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cedar Waxwing Alert

I've been noticing all of the ornamental fruit trees lately, now that their leaves have dropped and the berries are more visible. The bright red cherries are beginning to drop, staining the pavement around my children's school. Soon the cedar waxwings will arrive and strip the trees of their fruit, then make a display of their drunkenness as they look for their next meal. Here's a busy bird on a mullberry bush.


Anonymous said...

I miss seeing a large variety of birds at my feeder now that I live within city limits. I don't expect any waxwings. However, occasionally see something great, such as the small hawk sitting on my husband's car on day last summer; and the two rarely seen American woodcocks I saw foraging for worms close to my neighbors foundation where the ground had warmed and snow melted. You are amazing, Vivika, in your fabric depictions of these incredible little creatures.
-Ruth Anne

Linda B. Dunn said...

The composition in this makes it beautiful. The bird fills the rectangle, and how the twist of its body brings your eye round and round.

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