Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Prayer Flag Project Day 25: Do Something

Saturday's prayer is for the summer months... do something, anything, that will make you smarter, wiser, healthier, or happier.  Do something, anything, that will make the world cleaner, more peaceful, safer, or kinder.  Do something, anything, that will  keep your hands busy, your heart willing, and your mind open.

Just do something, anything.

This flag is made of a scrap of linen which is embellished with 11 postage stamps.  Nine of the stamps are held in place with thread stitching and a stamped and dyed paper teabag.  The stamps on top of the paper collage are from France, and show a picture of Heloise and Abelard.  They always remind me of a favorite college professor, Fr. Enrico Garzilli, who wrote a musical about the love affair between the doomed lovers and performed part of the libretto for a packed audience of his students more than 25 years ago.  Now THAT was Something.

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