Friday, June 24, 2011

Prayer Flag Project Day 23: Organization

Thursday's prayer is for organization, pure and simple.

This project has been all encompassing in my once clean studio.  Bits of linen are piled on my cutting table.  Scraps of threads litter the floor.  I can't find my favorite thimble, and the fabric scissors have now been used multiple times to cut paper.  Time to breathe easier and turn on some soothing classical music, tie an apron around my waist, and clean.  I will feel more creative when that chore is done.

The flag is made of a single piece of heavy lace, with the strips of fabric sewn in place.  All of the fabrics were piled in a heap on the cutting table, and they "chose themselves".  The tag reads, "He has put everything back in his box again"...  soon!


donna!ee said...

this prayer flag is very cool, organized cohesively!!! :)

Connie Rose said...

Are you doing to be showing these somewhere as a group? Please take a group photo for us before they start to disappear!

Vivika said...

Hi Connie, I am only hanging mine outside for a few hours, and hope to have them hung all together at some point. Eventually, though, the plan is to leave them in the wind. Rather like the art of Andrew Goldsworthy, the process of making the piece, writing the prayer, planning the work, writing about it the process, and photographing are just as important as the original piece of work.

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