Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prayer Flag Project Day 22: Safe Travels

This weekend, nearly *everyone* I know will be traveling.  Wednesday's flag is for safe travels... and in my case, a quiet and uneventful car ride with my children.

The flag is made of a single layer of upholstery linen with a piece of a vintage map sewn on top.  The bubble letters we all practiced in 8th grade study hall are embroidered by machine, and their crookedness is a testament to the fact that I never really did learn how to make them ;-).

The words on the tag read, "Explain how to read a road map" on one side, and "a trip with your family" on the other.  So for all of you who travel by road, boat, horse, bus, plane, cycle, boat, or foot, this one's for you.

Happy Trails,

1 comment:

Linda Miller Designs said...

Wonderful! Love the map addition. Safe travels to you....

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