Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prayer Flag Project Day 21: Wings

Tuesday's prayer is for wings...

It is graduation season here in New England.  Due to an unbelievable amount of snow and snow days, our local schools are dismissing students two weeks later than originally planned, and Guilford's graduation happens this Friday afternoon at our town green.  The preparations are being made:  platforms are being constructed, the orchestra is practicing Pomp and Circumstance, and hundreds of white chairs will be carefully unfolded by legions of volunteers for the families of our bright young students.  We are so fortunate to have a celebration open to the entire town, and many who don't have children in the class of 2011 will attend, just to see the moving ceremony.

I pray that our children fledge the nest with confidence and adventure.  I hope they feel ready to tackle the new experience that the changes of graduation bring.  I pray for good strong wings, and loving parents to help guide their first flights of independence.

Wings is made of a piece of folded linen cloth that was overlaid with a scrap of antique lace.  The centers of the flowers are bunches of french knots using hand dyed thread from Laura Wasilowski.  The tag reads:  Fly-up:  receive their wings.  It refers to the ceremony when, in the Girl Scout tradition, a "Brownie" moves to the next level of "Intermediate Scout" and receives a badge that has wings.


galeg said...

I am a new TAFA member and stumbled upon your blog. Such wonderful work and thoughtful entries. Thanks for making our world a better place!

Vivika said...

And thank you for your comments!

Nina Lise Moen said...

How beautiful! Happy graduation! It's both wonderful and sad to see your little birdies leave the nest, isn't it. You are happy for them and missing them at the same time.

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