Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prayer Flag Project Day 14: Flag Day

When looking at the calendar this morning, it struck me that it is "Flag Day", a day I remember well from my grade school days.  We wore patriotic colors, sang the first verse of "You're a Grand Ole Flag", had an assembly with veterans showing us how to fold the flag.  We stood at attention when the colors were raised on the school's flag pole, and we were proud of our country and respectful of our nation's symbol.

My prayer is for those who carry their country's flag in foreign lands... that they return safely and represent their homeland with pride.  I pray for Peace, and the end of all conflict.  I hope for diplomatic solutions to our world's problems, and for creative solutions to border disputes.  Those are high hopes, I know, but I believe that they are achievable.

The image on today's flag was transferred to muslin using a toner copy, gum arabic, and oil paint technique.  It has been in my pile of scraps for several years, just waiting for a project like this.  The soldiers and flag are outlined in thread, and a slight coloring is added with water color pencils.  I've used this same image in several pieces in the past, including "Pray for Peace" and a series of Artist Trading Cards which were published in a book by Lark Press.  The photo was found in my family's album, and I believe it is from the WWI era.

This marks the second full week of the project, and there are now 14 flags in the series.

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I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Here I am, getting caught up on some blog reading and I am uplifted to find 14 days of prayers on beautiful hand worked flags. I am inspired and touched by both the messages and your creativity.

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