Friday, January 21, 2011

New Work, Old Work

Marjo's Stole
A wise man once said, "Do something you love, and you'll never work a day in your life"...    How true!

I "haven't been working" all week on this project for my friend Marjo who will be leaving the Assistant Minister position at my church and becoming the Senior Pastor at All Saints Lutheran Church in Bridgeport, CT.  She is musical, colorful, and vibrant, so I hope she enjoys this vibrant tribute.  I look at it and see Green as the main color, and hope she will too.

Old Work:  Banner
Green is the color used most in the longest season of the liturgical year, so hopefully she will get much use out of this stole.  The fabrics are from my two favorite dyers, Laura Wasilowski and Malka Dubrawski.   And the lining?  JoAnn's.

The "old work" is a piece Marjo commissioned for my church several years ago:  an Easter banner that I called Morning Has Broken.  Scraps from the morning sky and purple crosses were used in Marjo's stole.


Merete said...

How nice... ;0)

Diane Wright said...

I'm sure she will treasure it. It's a wonderful remembrance of her service at your church and of your creative talent and generosity.

Whimsey Creations said...

What a wonderful friend you are. That is simply beautiful and I'm sure she'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Marjo is a lucky woman. The stole is wonderful.

Lucy said...

very cool

Quiltrobin said...

What a lovely, creative, and thoughtful gift. It's so beautiful, too. I love it. I want one (no pulpit though).
I'm sure Marjo will treasure it.

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