Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Dimensional Collage Curriosities

Today has been a balmy, rainy day, and I needed a rainy day project to chase the gloom away from my studio.  So today I got out my paints and glues, brushes and inks, papers and fabrics, and had a blast.

I've been working on incorporating more paper into my fabric collages to give them more interest and depth.  Most of my clients think of my framed work as quilted or sewn, but I really see it as a mixture of fiber collage and painting with fabric and thread.  I've always focused on the main image when constructing the collages, and most of my customers do the same.
Last year's Background:
Batik fabric, no additional color

But lately, as I spend more time and care on the backgrounds, I've noticed that the overall pieces are changing and becoming better.

Today's Background:  Lots of papers, stamps,
inking, paint and text
In reality, these pieces all incorporate a multitude of techniques and supplies, most of which are not used by either quilters or painters.  When the collage was completed this afternoon, my studio looked like Hurricane Charlie had blasted through... now I'll reorganize and pack away some of those supplies, but not before adding a few more embellishments to my nest...
Completed 3-D Nest with Robin's Eggs:
Paper, Fabric, Yarn, Vintage Milliner's Leaves, Paint, Ink,


Karen said...

This is really cook, Vivika... I like the mix of "media" it, really.

Karen said...

Umm.. cool... not cook. Sheesh.

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