Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to Work Indeed

Summer was officially over today, with all four kids delivered safely to all four schools... and I am now in my own "Back to Work" mode.  But not before the much deserved trip to the beach for mimosas celebrating what the honest fun moms call Mom's Freedom Day.

Wahoo! The kids are back to school, and I'm ready for six hours a day in my studio again!

But not before Tuesday:  In their wish to have an extra long Labor Day Weekend wisdom, the school system has called for an early dismissal on Friday due to the hurricane.  What can I say?  Bring it on!  I have another bottle of champagne stashed in my emergency supply closet ;-).


Karen said...

Oh, what a great tradition. Why didn't I think of that??...

We moved your quilts back to the original wall, and herons live with herons again. Looks much better. :-)

Diane Wright said...

I think Jean was just a teeny envious that she couldn't join you. I know I was. See you later!

Anonymous said...

You are funny.

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