Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Migration Story: Night Herons

Just completed, the second in my "Migration Story" series...

Night Herons
(Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Black-crowned Night Heron)
Artwork 12"x12"
Framed to 18"x18"

These pieces are quilts, with the background and back layers made from hand made paper and vintage maps.  The birds are appliqued by machine through the paper layers and batting.  The process is a bit more difficult than working completely with fabric, since there can be no "unsewing"... as the machine needle leaves holes behind.  They are framed behind glass and under acid free mat board.

I love the effect of the map in the background.  The theme of Migration works not only for birds, but for those of us who have lived many places in our lifetime.  I'd love to make a Migration Story quilt for everywhere I've lived... so far this one has a vintage National Geographic Map of Maine and New England, so that counts for my birthplace.  

Migration Story:  Lesser Yellowlegs
Artwork  12"x12"
Framed to 18"x18"
The first in this series (above) has a map of the midwest, where I spent a summer as a nanny while I was in college.  The map also indicates the migration pattern of the Lesser Yellowlegs which travels from Canada into the middle of the United States on its journey south.

I'm on the look out for cool maps of Australia where I lived as an exchange student for a year, Rhode Island, which was my college home, and California to complete my own migration story.  


Linda Zimmerman said...

great series!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your new series with the maps as background showing the migration. I love maps.

Connie Rose said...

Your birds are just wonderful!

Diane Wright said...

Very interesting series! Got room for a whooper? :^)

Karen said...

Brilliant!!!... LOVE these...

Anonymous said...

Most wonderful works !
Really great and scpecial handwork!
Teje Karjalainen, Chania, Greece

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