Saturday, October 17, 2009

Killingworth Arts Festival

Last weekend, Linda Zimmerman and I exhibited at the Killingworth Arts Center's Annual Art Festival on the Indian River in Clinton, Ct. Our friend Ruth Anne loaned us her booth so we could professionally display our wares, and we spent two glorious days in the sun and wind... ok, I am padding the truth. The days were not glorious, they were nerve wracking because the wind was intense at times. All around us, other artists were losing pots, glass ware, and frames as their pieces were caught by gusts of wind and sent flying. Linda weighed down our tent with rocks, and we lashed it to the railing behind us. The only casualties we had were the loss of a few postcards and a roll of brown wrapping paper that fell into the marsh behind us, so we were lucky. But here's the glorious part. Just look at the views of the river behind our booth. My husband brought the kids to visit, and they enjoyed the day as well. Sales were good, and we even had a few swans stop by for a peek at the show. All in all, a successful and enjoyable weekend meeting lovely people in a beautiful setting!
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Deborah said...

Looks like a lovely place but it does look cold. Congratulations on your sales.

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